The Magical Powers of...Ice Cream?

Everywhere we go we are bombarded with the message that things make us happy.


But do they really? Does ice-cream really have the power to transmit the feeling of goodness to us? If so, we should feel it the whole time its in our system, right? Anyone who has ever over indulged in ice-cream, like me, knows this isn’t the case.


In fact, ice-cream doesn’t make us happy. It doesn’t have some magical feeling-producing power. What does have the power is always coming from within. What we are actually feeling when our lips first touch that ice, cold deliciousness is a relaxing of our mind and our being into the present moment. We’ll enjoy that goodness until the ice-cream is over and our mind springs back into action to generate the feeling of guilt.


I find it both disturbing and a relief that ice-cream doesn’t actually have the power to make me feel.

Jennifer Maher